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Trooper Youth Week 2018
Police-Oriented Educational Program

Qualifications / Requirements

  • Students must have successfully completed their junior year of High School (11th grade) and have satisfied the requirements to enter their senior year (12th grade). Sophomores who are currently 17 years of age may also be eligible. Students must not have reached their 18th birthday prior to the graduation date of their Trooper Youth Week class.
  • Good reputation and sound moral character
  • Must be recommended by High School Principal / guidance department, law enforcement agency, a community representative, or religious leader
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must be able to participate in physical fitness activities
  • Must be able to participate in a structured well disciplined program
  • No smoking or other tobacco products permitted

Personal Grooming

It is the policy of this Academy that all Trooper Youth Week attendees be neat, clean, well-groomed and present a professional appearance. To achieve the intent of that policy, reasonable grooming regulations have been established. These regulations take into consideration contemporary standards, uniformity, neatness, safety and the quasi-military nature of the Division of State Police.

  1. Trooper Youth (male)

    1. Hair

      1. Hair shall be neatly trimmed, combed or brushed.

      2. Hair shall be cut to present a tapered appearance and when combed, shall not fall over the ears or eyebrows, or extend over the shirt or coat collar when standing with the head in a natural posture.

      3. Hair shall not interfere with the proper wearing of any authorized uniform headgear.

      4. Properly shaven at all times. No mustache, beard or sideburns.

  2. Trooper Youth (female)

    1. Hair

      1. The length, bulk, or appearance of natural hair shall not be excessive, ragged, or unkept.

      2. Hair shall be neatly groomed.

      3. Hair shall not be worn longer than the bottom of the shirt or coat collar at the back of the neck when standing with the head in the normal posture.

      4. Shall be groomed in front so that it does not fall below the band of properly worn uniform headgear.

      5. Hair may be worn slightly over the ears, but in no case shall the bulk or length of the hair interfere with the proper wearing of authorized uniform headgear.

      6. Ponytails or platted hair are not permitted.

      7. A bun or twist is permitted on the top back of the head provided if it is worn in a neat manner and does not interfere with the wearing of uniform headgear.

      8. No ribbons or ornaments shall be worn in the hair, except for neat inconspicuous bobby pins or conservative barrettes which blend with the hair color.

      9. Hair coloring, if used, must appear natural.

      10. The wearing of a wig or hair piece is permissible. If worn, it shall conform to the standards set forth in this procedure.

    2. Finger nails

      1. Fingernails shall be cleaned and trimmed. Nails shall not extend beyond the tips of the fingers.

      2. Fingernail polish, if worn, shall be clear.

    3. Brassieres that provide adequate support shall be worn.

  3. Jewelry

    1. No visible jewelry of any kind may be worn above the shoulders while in uniform. This also includes jewelry below the shoulders (i.e. belly rings).

    2. Jewelry which detracts from the professional appearance and which constitutes a safety hazard, is not permitted.

  4. Additional Points of Note

    1. Footwear

      1. No flip flops, slides, sandals or open-toed shoes.

    2. Clothing

      1. Conservative clothing is to be worn. Pants are to be worn at traditional lengths, low cut jeans and/or pants that expose undergarments are not permitted. Tee-shirts will be traditional crew style, low-cut neck lines and high-cut shirts above the waist line are not permitted. Clothing worn will not have any offensive print(i.e. words, gestures or any other print that is inappropriate).

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