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Statistical Summary

  A. 1998 Quick Facts and Overview
  B. Classifications by Month
  C. Classifications by County
  D. Fatalities and Injuries According to Accident Type Classification
  E. Hours and Day of Occurrence
  F. Weather Conditions
  G. Age and Sex of Drivers
  H. Age and Sex Victims
  I. Condition of All Drivers
Alcohol Factor
  K. Alcohol Involvement of Deceased Drivers Related to Manner of Collision
  L. Manner of Collision
  M. Type of Vehicles Involved (Including Parked)
  N. Character and Designation of Road
  O. What Drivers Were Doing
  P. What Pedestrians Were Doing

Contributing Circumstances


Specific Areas of Concern

  A. Interstate Highway Fatalities
  B. Pedalcycle Accidents
  C. Motorcycle Accidents
  D. Tractor-Trailer Accidents
  E. Restraint Usage
  F. 17 - 20 Age Group
  G. Fatal Accidents and Persons Killed for Selected Holiday Periods
  H. Ten Year Experience

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