Forensic Photography & Composite Artist Unit

The Forensic Photography & Composite Artist Unit maintains a complete photographic and composite Imagery laboratory.  Black & White, Color, ultraviolet, infrared and other forensic methods are utilized to obtain and produce high quality imagery for court room purposes and in conjunction with requests submitted by Municipal, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Regional Laboratories, the Attorney General’s Office upon request.  Typical requests include, but are not limited to microscopic particles, documents, latent fingerprints and ballistics evidence.  Additionally, the unit is responsible for the processing and issuing of various types of identification cards for both New Jersey State Police enlisted and civilian personnel.

The Forensic Photographers are responsible for processing various types of photographic film, digital imagery and video for evidentiary use.  The Unit is also capable of providing technical support and assistance to all Municipal, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in the use of all facets of photographic equipment, film, digital media, computer imagery, video (production, surveillance, still imagery and duplication) and training.  The unit also provides applications involving evidence imagery (clothing, weapons, footprint impressions, altered writing, fingerprints, bruises, etc) in the laboratory using various types of filters and lighting sources.

The Unit’s Forensic Artists are available to assist all Municipal, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies with various forensic imaging requests.  Artist a capable of producing traditionally drawn forensic illustrations or digitally rendered illustrations based on information provided by victim’s witnesses and law enforcement officials in order to identify wanted, missing and or other unidentified persons. 

Additionally, artists routinely work with a Forensic Anthropologist to produce facial approximations (reconstructions) based on unidentified human remains.  Forensic Artists also provide demonstrations and presentations based on the role of Forensic Art in criminal investigations to law enforcement agencies, civic groups, and educational institutions.

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