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July 20, 2007

40 New Troopers Graduate Academy & Receive
Assignments Across the State
146th New Jersey State Police Recruit Training Classes Complete Intensive 25-Week Training Program

Toms River, N.J. - First Assistant Attorney General John M. Vazquez and State Police Superintendent Colonel Joseph R. Fuentes today presented 40 badges to New Jersey’s newest state troopers during graduation ceremonies at the Rittacco Center.

“I congratulate today’s graduates on completing the tough training regimen which has prepared them to respond to the challenges of police work in New Jersey,’’ said First Assistant Attorney General Vazquez. “The troopers graduating today have learned policing practices that balance a commitment to fighting crime with an equal commitment to accountability, fairness, and even-handed treatment of all people. They will be patrolling our highways and waterways, fighting gangs, guns, and violence, and they will play a vital role as well in addressing our homeland security needs.’’

“Today, the troopers of the 146th New Jersey State Police class have completed a very long journey,” Col. Fuentes said. "It is truly an honor to congratulate each trooper and to wish the newest members of the New Jersey State Police success as they report to their duty assignments. Today’s troopers face a more complex world and have fewer margins for error. They must think and act independently and possess the self-confidence and focus to perform their job constitutionally and with compassion,” he added.

“The troopers graduating today will witness three of our troopers receive awards for their heroic actions,” stated Colonel Fuentes. “These honored troopers exemplify the actions taken by all members of the State Police, everyday,” he added.

According to Lieutenant Thomas Souchek, Commandant of the State Police Training Academy, the training program has undergone significant changes during the past several years. Among the changes, the Recruits are exposed to a high level of scenario based experiential training and the integration of Intelligence Led Policing. Upon completion of the program the newly graduated troopers are prepared to further the Division’s “All Crimes, All Hazards, All Threats” policing model.

To further ensure the needs of our diverse citizenry are met, the members of the 146th New Jersey State Police Class took part in classroom lecture and scenario based training in the areas of constitutional law, domestic violence, traffic enforcement, accident reduction, community service, cultural awareness, ethical decision making and leadership.

Today’s trooper is responsible for hometown and homeland protection and the New Jersey State Police Academy has provided a training experience for these men and women that is rooted in best practices and will serve them with a foundation for a positive and productive future.

In commenting on the overall selection process for State Police recruit training classes, Colonel Fuentes reported that each applicant applying to the State Police is required to have a bachelor’s degree, or, an associate’s degree or have completed 60 college credits, plus at least two years of satisfactory employment or, have completed 30 college credits from an accredited college or university plus at least two years of active duty military service with an honorable discharge

Colonel Fuentes said that the probationary troopers will be assigned to stations throughout the state and over the next 11 weeks, the new troopers will begin their careers under the watchful eye of their Trooper-Coaches and supervisors.

Here are some interesting facts about some of the recruits of the 146th classes: Of the following 40 new troopers, five of them had prior law enforcement experience, and eight had prior military experience.

The following three troopers were honored today for their actions while on and off duty:

Certificate of Commendation
Trooper John Widovic # 5019

While off duty Trooper John Widovic #5019 apprehend three individuals that had just robbed a store. Trooper Widovic observed a storeowner chasing one the suspects through the parking lot into a car. Tpr Widovic immediately identified himself to the storeowner, and began to pursue the fleeing vehicle in his personal vehicle. A short distance later the vehicle pulled off the roadway. Tpr Widovic was able to secure two of the four occupants of the vehicle while the other two fled. After a field search with the assistance of other law enforcement agencies the third suspect was apprehended.

Certificate of Commendation
Detective David Alston # 4132

While off duty Detective Sergeant Alston #4132 was dining at the Pomodoro Restaurant in New York City when another patron began to choke on his food. After the maitre d’ unsuccessfully attempted to perform the Heimlich maneuver the patron turned blue and lost consciousness. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Detective Sergeant Alston identified himself as a New Jersey State Trooper and then performed the Heimlich maneuver and successfully dislodged the obstruction. The New York City Emergency Medical Service transported the victim to a local hospital for treatment.

Certificate of Meritorious Service
Trooper Christopher Brozyna #6713

On March 31, 2006 Trooper Christopher Brozyna #6713 was detailed to a suspicious person complaint at the Cream Ridge Country Market, located on CR 537, Cream Ridge, New Jersey. Trooper Brozyna received a description of the suspect and responded to the scene. Upon his arrival at the scene, Trooper Brozyna observed a subject matching the description entering the store with a sack over his head. Trooper Brozyna drew his weapon and immediately entered the store behind the subject. Trooper Brozyna then observed the suspect brandish a knife at the store clerk, Trooper Brozyna then trained his weapon on the suspect and ordered him several times to drop the knife. The suspect turned and began advancing toward Trooper Brozyna, the suspect was again ordered to drop the knife, but did not comply. Trooper Brozyna without regard for his own safety grabbed the suspect’s right arm, disarming the suspect of the knife and after a violent struggle, subduing and handcuffing the suspect.

The following PDF contains a list of the graduates:   VIEW PDF


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