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April 08, 2013

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Trooper and Good Samaritan Rescue
Three People From Submerged Vehicle

Absecon, N.J. - Trooper Jaime Ablett from the Atlantic City Marine Station and good samaritan Luis Roselli of Gibbsboro, rescued three occupants of a vehicle submerged upside down in a retention pond.

Yesterday, at approximately 5:10 p.m., Ablett was traveling on Route 30 westbound, returning to his residence after working the day shift. As he was driving in his troop car, he noticed a vehicle submerged in a retention pond across from the Absecon Home Depot on Route 30. The vehicle was almost completely submerged upside down in the water and only the rear tires were visible. The driver was outside of the vehicle and was in the water screaming for help.

Trooper Ablett immediately notified dispatch to summon Emergency Medical Services and Absecon Fire to the scene. Ablett exited his vehicle and quickly jumped into the water where he was soon joined by Luis Roselli.

Trooper Ablett and Roselli were able to get into the submerged vehicle and pull two men out of the water to safety. As the men were pulled from the vehicle they were unresponsive but they regained consciousness soon after they were pulled from the water. The two men were wearing full Marine camouflage uniforms.

A young woman was the only occupant left in the vehicle and she was unable to escape on her own.  She was seatbelted in and unable to unlatch the seatbelt. Using the knife given to him by responders, Roselli was able to cut the seatbelt. Ablett and Roselli were able to pull the woman to safety.

Once they were all pulled to safety, Absecon Emergency Medical Services rendered first aid and transported them to the Atlantic City Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City, where they were treated for non life threatening injuries 

Absecon Police Department assisted with the incident and are investigating the cause of the motor vehicle accident.

The occupants of the vehicle are:

Bryan Marticorena, 19, Atlantic City, N.J. (Driver)
John Taylor, 19, Atlantic City, N.J.
James Taylor, 22, Atlantic City, N.J.
Carmen Valdivieso, 21, Atlantic City, N.J.

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