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Attorney General Farmer & Col. Dunbar Acknowledge Contributions of State Police
Supervisor's and Announce Promotion of Female, African-American
and Hispanic Troopers To Rank Of Captain...

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       Hightstown - Announcing the promotion of 27 New Jersey State Police supervisors to the ranks of Lt. Colonel, Major and Captain, including the promotion of the first-ever female troopers to the rank of Captain along with two African-American and two Hispanic troopers also promoted to the rank of Captain, New Jersey Attorney General John J. Farmer, Jr. and Colonel Carson J. Dunbar, Jr., Superintendent of State Police, today credited the entire State Police supervisory staff for their commitment to moving the organization forward and for their fair and impartial administration of law enforcement principals.

       "I am pleased that those of you being promoted today reflect the greater diversity we both want and need within the New Jersey State Police," the Attorney General said. "Yet, as we look to you for change, and move inexorably toward a new New Jersey State Police, those of you being promoted today are living proof that the State Police still rewards the personal qualities embodied eight decades ago in the motto: ‘Honor, Duty, Fidelity."

      "I am proud to be able to promote each of the senior staff officers assembled here today and, on behalf of the people of New Jersey, to thank you for your devoted service to the principals of law enforcement" Col. Dunbar said. "I am also enormously proud of the job performed by the entire State Police and of their dedication to duty - a dedication that has never waned even during the most adverse of circumstances. Thanks to you and your colleagues, and the heroism you demonstrate daily, New Jersey is the safest it has ever been."

       Joining the Attorney General and the State Police Superintendent at the promotion ceremonies, were the 27 promotees and their families, members of the Department of Law & Public Safety and State Police professional staff and fellow law enforcement officials from police agencies across the state. The promotion ceremony was held at the Peddie School in Hightstown, Mercer County.

      According to Dunbar, the promotions include forward-thinking supervisors and career law enforcement professionals who have demonstrated their ability to implement innovative law enforcement and management techniques, who possess the qualities of team leadership in their interactions with fellow troopers and who have an established record of dedicated service, volunteerism and professional achievement in their overall State Police careers.

       The senior staff promotions are considered executive appointments and are implemented as part of a totally revamped promotional system put in place last year. The revised promotional process is based upon the authority of the Superintendent to identify promotional vacancies, establish promotional criteria and select the most qualified eligible candidate. Specifically, the objectives of the revised promotional system include identification of the most qualified personnel, establishing consistency in promotional criteria and ensuring a uniform and fair application of the criteria and eliminating any perceptions of favoritism and/or inequities in the promotional process.

       With the appointment of two female, two African-American and two Hispanic troopers to the rank of Captain, the State Police continues efforts to move forward in diversifying all ranks and all sections. The minority and female troopers - Captains' Gayle M. Cameron, Lori A. Hennon-Bell, Malcom A. Buck, Ronald J. Small, Ralph Rivera, Jr., and Carmelo V. Huertas - each have over 20 years service with the State Police and have participated in nearly every aspect of State Police responsibility, from general road duty trooper to investigations to administrative functions.

       The promotion appointments include the creation of a third Lt. Colonel/Deputy Superintendent position - the Deputy Superintendent of Operations. Major Lee A. Cartwright has been promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel and will take up the assignment of Deputy Superintendent for Operations. As Deputy Superintendent of Operations, Lt. Col. Cartwright will be a principal staff advisor to the Superintendent responsible for directing and coordinating the personnel and functions of the Field Operations Section. Lt. Col. Cartwright has been a New Jersey state trooper since graduating the 80th State Police class in February, 1970.

       Promotions to the rank of Major include:

  • Major Albert J. Kernagis (85th Class, June 1971), Field Operations Section, Supervisor
  • Major Frank M. Simonetta (89th Class, December 1973), Investigations Section, Supervisor
  • Major Rudolph Chesko (78th Class, June 1969), Division Staff Section, Supervisor
  • Major Richard C. Wilson (88th Class, June 1973), Administration Section, Supervisor
  • Major Carl A. Leisinger (83rd Class, November 1970), Special & Technical Services Section, Supervisor

       Promotions to the rank of Captain include:

  • Captain Richard J. Prunetti (86th Class, December 1971), Field Operations Section, Troop C Commander
  • Captain Malcom A. Buck (90th Class, June 1974), Field Operations Section, Patrol Support Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain Drew F. Lieb (90th Class, June 1974), Investigations Section, Special Investigations & Services Bureau Supervisor
  • Captain Dean K. Sassaman (86th Class, December 1971), Investigations Section, Criminal Investigation Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain James Carnival (81st Class, May 1970), Intelligence Services Section, Central Security/Solid Hazardous Waste Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain David J. Grusemeyer (90th Class, June 1974), Intelligence Services Section, Casino Gaming Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain Michael J. Penyak (91st Class, January 1975), Intelligence Services Section, Intelligence Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain David A. Studnicki (90th Class, June 1974), Division Staff Section, State Government Security Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain Ralph Rivera, Jr. (93rd B Class, April 1978), Division Staff Section, Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain Lori A. Hennon-Bell (96th Class, June 1980), Division Staff Section, Assistant Section Supervisor
  • Captain Frederick L. Landsky (83rd Class, November 1970), Administration Section, Logistics Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain Frederick N. Bucci (88th Class, June 1973), Administration Section, Budget Operations Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain Randall A. Richardson (93rd A Class, January 1978), Administration Section, Planning Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain William R. Kryscnski (91st Class, January 1975), Special & Technical Services Section, Forensic Sciences Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain Joseph Trogani (84th Class, March 1971), Special & Technical Services Section, Technical Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain Ronald J. Small (95th Class, June 1979), Special & Technical Services Section, Assistant Section Supervisor
  • Captain Gayle M. Cameron (96th Class, June 1980), Special & Technical Services Section, State Regulatory Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain Carmelo V. Huertas (93rd B Class, April 1978), Emergency Management Section, Operational Dispatch Bureau, Supervisor
  • Captain Louis J. Krofka (89th Class, December 1973), Records & Identification Section, State Bureau of Identification, Supervisor
  • Captain Albert J. Sacchetti (90th Class, June 1974), Office of Professional Standards, Quality Control and Inspection Bureau
  • Captain William P. Meddis (93rd A Class, January 1978), Office of Professional Standards, Intake and Adjudication Bureau

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